3. Hints 'n' tips

  1. Plan every stage of the sale. Leave nothing to chance. Sales is not about luck.

  2. Out-think your competition and you will out-sell your competition.

  3. Grow some balls and contact the CEO. You may be pleasantly surprised how they help with your sale.

  4. Win new customer appointments with short emails ...“I was reading about you and would like to ...”

  5. Regular interesting and relevant product/solution/industry updates will keep you at the forefront of your customer's mind.

  6. If whatever you're selling is of low value to the customer and is hard to implement, re-qualify the likelihood of it happening.

  7. If your product is identical to your competitor's and you wanted to make a good margin, how would you differentiate? That's your value proposition.

  8. Selling is simple ... If you had the same role, authority, budget and need as your customer, would/could you buy from someone identical to you?

  9. Sales is about what you CAN do - not what you can't. Always focus on you and your ability to influence others.

  10. Keep asking questions to qualify your understanding - then re-qualify your understanding by asking the question a different way.

  11. If you're not looking for the answers, you won't find them. Be ruthlessly curious and relentlessly probing. He who finds, wins the sale.

  12. Giving customers options is OK but always do the thinking for them. The more they need to think, the longer the deal will take.

  13. Because there is no single decision-maker in high value deals, you need to understand the political terrain of an account.

  14. A thorough understanding of the sign-off process will help you fully understand the other influencers in the deal.

  15. What does a buyer want?... To earn their bonus. How are they bonused?... On demonstrable savings. Help them get their bonus and you'll win.

  16. Apply the assumptive close ... Then ask for the order. “Assuming we can do X, Y, and Z, do we have a deal?”

  17. Great sales professionals identify & deal with small problems before they become large ones. Every connection is a sales opportunity.

  18. Sales is an intense profession. If you do feel like you've lost your sales mojo, take 30 minutes out, then call your best customer.

  19. You can't build great customer relationships sitting in your office.

  20. If your customer trusts you, they will be open to any suggestion you make. Never abuse your trust relationship.