2. Golden rules

  1. Rule #1, “A-B-C” = “Always Be Closing”. Every contact opportunity is a closing opportunity.

  2. It takes the same effort to close a small deal as it does to close a big one. You don't have time to focus on the small deals.

  3. Remember, C-Level contacts DRIVE change. Managers IMPLEMENT change. Always understand the drivers.

  4. A market MAKER needs to be great at articulating “Why buy X over Y?” A market TAKER needs to be great at articulating “Why buy from me?”

  5. Being a highly effective sales person is all about perfecting your questioning technique. Never compromise on this. Study hard.

  6. If a person wants a drill they don't want to drill a hole - they want to hang a picture or a shelf. Question well to get to the ROOT of the need.

  7. Always agree a next action. If the customer fails to do their bit, question why.

  8. The next action is always on YOU. You may agree it's with the customer but if they fail to deliver, your action is to prompt them.

  9. The best way to position the ROI of your product/service is to do a TCO comparison: “Current State” v “Future State”. Work hard at this.

  10. In the world of big business, there's always, always, ALWAYS more than one person to influence. Qualify. Then again. Then again.

  11. Reality is, there is no MAN when selling to corporates, there's the “Money & Authority” man and many influencers.

  12. Corporate Governance will dictate the minimum number of signatures needed on a deal. Ask this question. Each signatory is an influencer.

  13. In high value selling there's no place for arrogance as the best buyers will always teach you something.

  14. Buyers are always on, always connected. Sales professionals need to be also. Are your phone and email on now?

  15. Many sales professionals see customer service as someone else's job - it's not. Customer service is the bridge between one deal & the next.

  16. The competition find it very hard to hustle a customer who relies on another person's finance. Learn about leasing and protect your base.

  17. Master the power of silence. Ask for the order & then be quiet. NEVER break the silence.

  18. When you win a new customer, ask if they can recommend you to someone. Reference selling pays.

  19. Even the most productive sales people need a break from time to time, it's normal. Vary your day and you'll be back on top form in no time..

  20. The great thing about professional selling is that one conversation can change your day from OK to exceptional. Don't wait for the call ...