1. Introduction

  1. When I was 10 I started washing cars. I then offered to clear paths for those without cars. I soon made money from most houses on my street.

  2. Today, it's not about selling to the houses on my street but about building and selling to my private marketplace.

  3. Your private marketplace is your TRUE value. It's the sum of the purchasing power of your professional network.

  4. To fast track the growth of your private marketplace, ask each of your key contacts to refer you to a colleague, friend or associate.

  5. I've always been passionate about my product. Even when I only had a metaphorical bag of beans to sell, I sold beanstalks - with passion.

  6. Passion is what powers your thoughts when you have nothing to think about. “Always on ... Always thinking ...”

  7. To be the best sales professional of the moment: Watch, hear and mimic your greatest colleagues, you will soon surpass them.

  8. The sales people of tomorrow will be better than those of today as they will have amplified the great points and muted the bad.

  9. Listen; my advice to every sales professional is grow an extra pair of ears and tape up half your mouth.

  10. Too many sales people say too much. Ssh! Sales is not about guess work. Listen, think, question, repeat.

  11. One of the greatest myths about great sales people is they're great liars. Wrong ... They're exceptional communicators.

  12. Communication excellence drives conversation excellence. Conversation excellence drives sales excellence.

  13. Sales excellence is about being a reformist - not a conformist. Change your customer's thinking to your way of thinking.

  14. Professional selling is about winning the biggest deals in the biggest accounts. It's a highly skilled job that requires time and effort to perfect.

  15. As the deals get bigger, they get more complex. As they get more complex you move out of your comfort zone. That's an exciting and interesting place to be.

  16. Buyers are people. People are interested in interesting people. Interesting people leave you wanting m...

  17. Professional selling is about helping customers increase revenues, reduce costs, or minimise their risk. Link your solution to these objectives and WIN.

  18. Professional selling is about taking the customer to a pre-determined destination. I call this “Destination selling”.

  19. Remember: Great buyers work hard to be the best. Selling to a great buyer is like having a great sparring partner. Enjoy it, and learn fast.

  20. Always love the thrill of the chase. That coasting on the verge of closing, what a rush!